Rule ISO 12870

The spectacle frames manufactured using M49® are fully compliant with rule ISO 12870.
Our products have been qualifi es for the production of spectacle frames, as shown by the mechanical tests compliant with harmonized rule ISO 12879 “Opthalmic optical – Spectacle frames – Requirements and test methods” carried out at Certottica testing laboratories.

ISO 12870:2004 specifies fundamental requirements for unglazed spectacle frames designed for use with all prescription lenses, and is applicable to frames at the point of sale to the retailer, by the manufacturer or supplier. It is applicable to all spectacle frame types including rimless mounts, semi-rimless mounts and folding spectacle frames. ISO 12870:2004 is applicable to spectacle frames made from natural organic materials. It is not applicable to complete custom-made spectacle frames or to products designed specifically to provide personal eye protection.